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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Louise has inspired me to blog again. I was worried about not having something to say every day. But guess what, in her lovely blog she posts infrequently but eloquently. There's a lot to be said today but it's mostly feisty BP-raising rants so I shan't bother. Not now, anyway.

I am still in Toronto, feeling trapped.

Yesterday I was thinking quite seriously about going back to my original plan of gong back to London with Robin and then returning to Toronto mid-January with him; mostly because i feel so at odds here and missing K and thinking his rent situation is not letting him come here. Then I realised that Robin's benefit situation is in the same place so i feel trapped. Everything was galloping along with Robin seeing so many people, including the Best Doctor For Aspergers In The City, and now it's just stalled. He needs to get his benefit application sorted out because the BDFAITC confirms that Robin probably can't work. Until this is well underway, we can't go anywhere but WHO STARTS IT?

That's enough ranting for today. I'm off to have breakfast and shop!

Fees for writing. I am sick and tired of people who want to hire me not just telling me how much they want to pay. When they ask me, it puts me in a jam and it's bloody dishonest. I've had enough of saying something and then finding out they would have paid much more (and have to someone else). It's about tiem they just come clean and stop the insanity!

You know, I started writing (for money) in 19bloody83 and in this entire time no one has come clean about MONEY! FFS. What's the problem?