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Saturday, October 11, 2003

Woke up early this morning and Kat was already awake. Groping my way to the balcony, I opened the door and was staring at a bright full moon directly ahead. Didn't it know it should have set?

Some thoughts on Toronto, anyway. It's so fucking clean. Why did I never notice? People are casual...yes, that's the word. They play on the streets. Streetcars are full of people who while away time between spots on the map and the air conditioned subway cars are like moving cocktail parties without the cocktails -- everyone chatting politely, the younger ones showing off to each other. You could eat off the floor of some stations. Well, maybe not. I shall wander off to the balcony now and stare a bit at the backside of Chinatown and the Sony screen announcing the latest issue of Sing Tao (in both Mandarin and English) and then away we go to the farmers market.